DJ Garbage Body surfs the record label waves

Zones - "Opensky"

Music in Canada is brewing and bubbling right now, ready to explode. The makers and shakers appear to be all about coalitions and collectives these days, yet some of my favourite record labels don’t have official youtube channels. Videos are where it’s at, in my opinion. The more the merrier! For this batch of cruises, I’ve surfed the current label waves. It’s a deep trip, so I’ve only covered a portion of the Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax territories. Enjoy!


Buzz Records does youtube right. Here are some recent surfs.

HSY – “Tartar Mouth”

I met Anna from HSY in line for the bathroom at the now defunct venue, 961A, after catching Toronto Homicide Squad. She also told me about her other project, Anamai. You remember me, Anna?

Odonis Odonis – “Order in the Court”

Weaves – “Buttercup”

This one is directed by Jason Harvey, who is an all time fave video maker of mine from Montreal. We are connected through the grapevine so maybe I’ll meet him sometime, ya?

This Toronto label came into my awareness recently, and my interest is piqued. Their musical and visual aesthetic is right up my alley.

Zones – “Opensky”

Zones caught my attention with this music video (note to record label people: see, it does pay off to have a youtube account!). I booked Zones to play a show on April 12th @ May Café. Come check it!

Victoria Cheong made this music video for Princess Century. Victoria’s solo project is called New Chance. She is half of the band HVYWTR alongside her partner Wolfgang. The two of them run Healing Power Records. Come on Healing Power, make a youtube channel already! I love this label, they are longtime buds and tru vibes. Hehe.

Princess Century – “Giving it Away”

Calico Corp. is another Toronto label made up of what appear to be buds and couples (not uncommon). Outsiders beware, Toronto artsy cliques run deep and it is hard to infiltrate that shit. But who cares, let the music speak for itself. Calico Corp. released the recent Zacht Automaat 2LP. ZA is one of my favourite bands that are currently making music. These guys are serious geniuses. I wish I could collab with ’em, but who knows if I would even be able to keep up!

Zacht Automaat – “Electronic Tchaikovsky ballet 2013”

Zacht Automaat – “Summer 2013 Home Movies”

Zacht Automaat – “Camping Trip”

Zacht Automaat – “Live Teaser”

This youtube channel must either belong to Mike McLean or Carl Didur of ZA. Check out their music, and scan the related youtube channels to find next level shit.


From the outside looking in (and visiting), Montreal appears to be all about the ‘experience’. Fuck facebook event pages. Be there in person, meet at lofts, warehouses, diy shows, house parties with live bands, the punk village, etc. and smoke wherever the fuck you want. Be there in the flesh, be hard and be real. Here are some of my favourite labels out of Montreal.

Brise-Cul is chiefly a noise label, thank goodness! I met Martin Sasseville in Montreal when he DJ’d pure rare Montreal vinyl disco joints as DJ KVLT 667 for a show I played, set up by some buds. He’s the dude behind Brise-Cul, Wapstan (his own noise stuff) and he’s the godfather to the very dear Wintage Records & Tapes Offspring, Cindal Crump/Nene.

Hobo Cubes – “Tunnel to the Pantheon”

Red Mass – “Open Wide”

Fluorescent Friends is Blake Hargreave’s Label. He’s the organizer and founder of Cool Fest in Montreal and is in the bands Clinton Machine, Dreamcatcher, Cousins of Reggae, and Thames, to name a few!

Fluorescent Friends Welcome

Thamous Players

Pink Noise guitar master and super nice nice guy Graeme Langdon runs Psychic Handshake [Ed: Along with Mike Deane]. I’ll never forget when Graeme saved my ass @ the Kyber in Halifax. He saved the day. I’ll never forget that and I’ll never forget his modesty that night. Cheers. Thank you Psychic Handshake for making a youtube channel. Their roster of bands is impressive. Check ’em out.

Babysitter – “Real Wild Child’s Gone Totally Mild”

The Pink Noise – “Flit”

I had to include another Pink Noise dig. Their drummer, Tara, edited this video. She’s a pal and plays in some other great bands like Gashrat in Montreal.

J.C. Loco – with Drainolith

Tara also has a comedy alias (‘J.C. Loco’) and co-hosts this episode with Alex of Drainolith.

Total pros. They made a nice little youtube package for your perusal pleasures! Take notes. Lol.

Paula – “Black Acura”

Part 3. OTTAWA

All I gotta say about Ottawa is that, from what I can see, Rocky LaLune keeps shit alive with her Debaser radio show. Bruised Tongue also knows the deal…

Roberta Bondar – “Night Danger”


Right now Halifax music people are slowly leaving and moving to Toronto. The displacement of the Khyber Centre seems to have played a symbolic role and really shook things up. Don’t let go Halifax, you’ve got something special! Divorce Records holds it down, along with the OBEY Convention festival, and not to forget, Electric Voice Records. Some key venues also come together to unite the scene there, which is nice to see.

Electric Voice is run by my synth pal and go-to-gear-guy Matt Samways. I met Matt when he played keys for Pink Noise and I played keys for Wolfcow. We played some shows together and he was one of the peeps running Obey Convention when I was there. We also both played that festival back to back at the Khyber. I hope to see him continue to help feed Halifax music opportunities, he’s right for the job.

Heather Rappard’s youtube channel also seems relevant. She’s made several music videos for Electric Voice Records, and a showcase promo vid for the label. To be honest, I kind of recognize her and I think I met her somewhere… likely in Halifax. Check out the vids on Heather’s channel!

Electric Voice Records Showcase Video Promo

Chevalier Avant-Garde – “Can’t Tell”

Crosss – “Spectre”

Crosss were on the same bill as us at OBEY. It was a fun time! [Ed: This song was also released as a 7″ split with Astral Gunk from Toronto’s Pleasence Records. Must grip!]

Stay green, my friends. I hope your surfs continue from here… and take you to warm climates. I love my city, even though it’s still cold as fuck! Talk soon, lovelies.

Sincerely Yours,
DJ Garbage Body