DJ Garbage Body presents :: Deep YouTube Cruises

DJ Garbage Body is an accomplice of Bile Sister and the evil twin of DJ Breezes. These bitter rivals are continuously duelling in an immortal kombat: the battle of formats, the battle of pop culture present and future. Who will win? Only remnants and clues are dispersed, with traces left in tangible formats (the printed word, telephone booths, TV Guide). DJ Garbage Body doesn’t let others forget cultural artifacts. She is the one pop-up you can’t block.

For this edition, DJ Garbage Body is going green. She recycles the vids buried deep in the Tubestack.

Master DJI – “Tan Pou Tan”

Gotta start this surf with more Haitian gold. I love Master DJI, so here’s another bonus: “Petite Fille.” I also love Emmanuel V’s music videos like Fasa’s “Le w Pa La,” and the gorgeous song “Ti Pitit” by Joel Theodore. The video for Yanick Etienne’s “Miste Lanmou” isn’t his typical green screen style, but it’s still got that weirdness I like. Another one that caught my attention was System Band’s “Beeper.” It’s all about Emmanuel V!

Cardboards – “Gravity’s Still Working” (1981)

This song just blows my mind. I’m into Synth Punk, New Wave and Minimal Synth from various parts of Europe and beyond. For more, check out Carol’s “So Low” and “Breakdown.”

T-Venus – “Draggin The Bottom” (1984)

This music video is special and the song rules. Give it a go. I noticed that with stereo headphones, I really appreciated the mix. Well done and weird.

Class Info – Inside (12″)

This is solid gold Canadian Synth Pop/New Wave!! Winnipeg! It’s from 1983. Go for it!

Reverend Alicia

I look at this like it’s a music video/song rather than a weird public access religious reverend lady. Ignore the religious stuff (unless you’re the type to be into that sorta bag); the music and the video are totally cool!

TubeCruises at your environmentally friendly disposal.

Love Always,

DJ Garbage Body