DJ Garbage Body presents :: Deep Cruise #3, surf’s up! (HOLY DAZE Special TubeCollectaz Edition)

DJ Garbage Body is an accomplice of Bile Sister and the evil twin of DJ Breezes. These bitter rivals are continuously duelling in an immortal kombat: the battle of formats, the battle of pop culture present and future. Who will win? Only remnants and clues are dispersed, with traces left in tangible formats (the printed word, telephone booths, TV Guide). DJ Garbage Body is the one pop-up you can’t block.

Jexus – DSI MEK / Mono Evolver demo

YouTube curators are very special people. Sometimes you can’t make it out to Value Village or your local record store (and don’t get me wrong, LP discoveries are worth the dirty hands!), but YouTube channel scores can be just as rewarding. Do you know about this synth demo dude, Jexus / WC Olo Garb? I found this Polish wonder when I was investigating synths for possible purchase. His demo of the Roland JX3P sold me, and his website is totally worth perusing as well. Totally 100% cool dude who makes great ‘songs’ and sweet videos! Some other worthwhile YouTube Channels to surf for obscurities and special gems are Canal de 9711886 and zomeeggz.

Plague – “I Want To Say”

From the rarities of channel 9711886. Do you like this? I think it’s pretty swell. Now peruse to the right of your YouTube screen. Do some deep cruisin’ of your own!


RiFF RaFF blows my mind. He makes TONS of videos, his lyrics are game-changing, and his humour is off the wall next level shit. “Ace of Space”, I mean come on, really!?! Don’t take him too serious, he ain’t no Memphis Tommy Wright III – ha! He also started an internet show called RiFF RaFF REALM and truly needed the outlet. The New Age Tongue Twista is takin’ over the internet… and I love it!

LiL DEBBiE and RiFF RaFF – “Michelle Obama”

LiL DEBBiE is serious! Here’s a thing she did with RiFF RaFF. Speaking of Memphis (check sub-rap movements from wiki history repertoires), there is a definite hip hop/rap movement happening right now. From Le1f to Mykki Blanco to Kitty Pryde, something’s changing… even though Azealia Banks has been around since the early ’90s at least! Here’s a Le1f fave. More bonuses for your 2013 farewells and 2014 pleasure, rap minimalism gurus of ‘now’: Zebra Katz – “Ima Read” (ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx) and Deena – “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools”. Takes the best parts of Ace of Base and makes em’ 2014… Ding!

J-P Massiera – “Turn Radio On – Help Taxi”

Do you and your friends have private group messages on facebook where you share music gems? I do! Some dope musician friends shared these YouTube rhinestones with me in our secret music box. Here’s some more: Attali / Torelli – “Knock Out”, Kitschstortion – “Zing Went the Strings of my Heart” and Ali Ag Amoumine – “Takamb”. This one was straight up posted on a friend’s wall – LIBYTHTH – “It My Beak.” It’s damn cool.

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – “Mascara Snake”

Straight-up video surfs. This clip of “Mascara Snake” comes from the The Lost Broadcasts DVD. I surfed this amazing performance footage haaaard!

Anton LaVey and his calliope

Dedicated to Christmas, some Anton LaVey classic organ jams straight from the Church of Satan’s vault. Here’s one more.

Jay Holy – “thewonderyears”

I’m going to leave you with one of my favourite new Toronto bands, Jay Holy. They’re pure gold.

Happy New Year, don’t forget to reduce and reuse… and keep cruisin’ my lil’ YouCrews, babes!

p.s. See you at a local hotspot Jan 25th, where I’ll be spinning your lengthy waaavve favs. Catch me if you can, Tom Hanks!

Love Always,