DJ Garbage Body presents :: Deep YouTube Cruises

DJ Garbage Body is an accomplice of Bile Sister and the evil twin of DJ Breezes. These bitter rivals are continuously duelling in an immortal kombat: the battle of formats, the battle of pop culture present and future. Who will win? Only remnants and clues are dispersed, with traces left in tangible formats (the printed word, telephone booths, TV Guide). DJ Garbage Body doesn’t let others forget cultural artifacts. She is the one pop-up you can’t block. This inaugural batch of cruises were streamed from the depths of the ‘Tube, after sailing from Haiti to Australia and beyond…

Master DJI – “Sispann”

This incredible Haitian music is compiled and produced by the infamous Emmanuel V. If you sift through his thousands of videos, you’re sure to come across many gems, such as this one by Master DJI, or beauts like Carole Demesmin – “Tounen Lakay”, Tines Salvant – “Mare m La”, Claudette et Ti Pierre – “Zanmi Camarade” (1979), and not to forget Joe Jack.

Sugar Boys – “First Taape (Bike Ride Version)”

These dudes are from Montreal. One guy is also in the band Tired. From left to right: Jesse Hicks, Riley Fleck, Andy White. Digital video and analog audio recorded live by Jason Harvey (Jayce) and Andy White (respectively) at practice at la brique in Montreal on 29 March 2011. If you look up videos by ‘Jayce’, ‘Jason Harvey’, or ‘andycwhite’ you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t believe me, check out “Drudge”, yet another Jason Harvey weirdo video of delights. That was a bonus!

La Femme – Psycho Tropical Berlin (Full Album)

I found this one as the result of a search that started with a song called “Dead Sea” (1982) by Spray Pals. Psycho Tropical Berlin is a masterpiece. Listen to it in its entirety. This is a new band, and I believe this album came out in France in April 2013. My search ultimately lead to Aksak Maboul’s Un Peu De l’Âme Des Bandits (1980). Another bonus for this submission… I had to! This one is also mind blowing. You should also check out Aksak Maboul with Veronique Vincent, because that’s what I did. Scroll to the right panel of your youtube page and see what you find!

Andras Fox – “Soft Illusion”

Andras Fox is from Australia (I believe). He’s so hot! Huge crush on the guy. I found this link from a post that a friend put up on facebook. Forever grateful! The video is pretty cool. Editing and camerawork are by Becky Freeman, otherwise known as Sui Zhen.

Sui Zhen – “Midriffs”

Yep, this is where the last video lead me. Sui Zhen is cool. Through youtube creeping, I figured out her and Andras were (are?) dating (too bad!) and have several collabs. Start your perusing from there and see where it leads. Until next time…

Yours Truly,

DJ Garbage Body

‘Stay Tuned, stay Tubed!’