Episode 2: Hobo vs. The Time Machine

by Ted Stenson

ART SCHOOL is a new web series about the trials and tribulations of today’s burgeoning art student. In the hallowed tradition of DEGRASSI, SQUARE PEGS and BEVERLY HILLS 90210, ART SCHOOL plumbs the sex, scandal and fake-spectacled sordidness of the hipster set. Does Chloe get pregnant? Will Lisa start selling ecstasy to pay for painting supplies? Did Dr. Streudelberg really sleep with David Hockney? Find out the answers to all these socially pertinent questions and so much more when you watch ART SCHOOL.

If you missed episode one, watch it here!

And now, Texture Magazine is proud to present the online premier of ART SCHOOL episode 2.

Chloe must explore the dark underbelly of urban life for her photography assignment. There's only one problem: what exactly constitutes an underbelly? And like, how dark? Fortunately for Chloe, a chance encounter with a crippled hobo provides her with an answer. Or does it?

ART SCHOOL episode 2: Hobo vs. The Time Machine from ART SCHOOL on Vimeo.


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