Unkle Wonky’s Wonk List

Selections by Matt Wadell

10. Angelo Badalamenti - “Just You and I”

This love tune from Twin Peaks is perhaps more wonky in context than it is on its own, but it's still mighty odd.

9. Ennio Morricone – “Vamos a Matar Compañeros”

I discovered this saucy wonk while exploring the massive body of Ennio Morricone. A true master of his field, the many sides of Morricone never cease to amaze me.

8. VORT VORT - “Thinking Pants”


Shameless self wonk on this one, but a wonk nonetheless.

7. Fred Frith – “Cap the Knife”


Composer, improviser and general guru, Fred Frith is both musical genius and wonkaholic. This song from his album Cheap at Half the Price showcases the latter quite nicely.

6. Paul De Marinis – “The Lecture Of Comrade Stalin At The Extraordinary 8th Plenary Congress About The Draft Concept Of The Constitution Of The Soviet Union On November 25, 1936”


Just listen to it.

5. Koenji Hyakkei

You receive a new pouch of wacky sauce every minute with Koenji Hyakkei. I saw them at FIMAV a few years ago and it really wonked me out. I've never heard a band transition from Michael Bolton style sax solos to ear-ripping death metal so effortlessly. Take special note of drummer Tatsuya Yoshida (one half of Ruins). He isn't messin’ around!

4. Evolution Control Committee – “Industrial Poem/But I Don’t Believe in Evolution!”


Part mash, part sound art wonk. ECC take a wacky stab at popular culture.

3. Father Yod (YaHoWa) – “I Can Read Your Mind”


There’s always something innately wonky about cult-like activity, especially when the cult-like leaders proclaim themselves god, take 14 women as their wives, and make far out love wonks about reading your mind.

2. Granular Synthesis – “Modell 5”

Serious mind wonk! Watch the DVD if you can!

1. UbuWeb - 365 Days Project


A hotbed of weird, the 365 Days Project is a true wonker’s paradise.


Michael Jackson's Kids

by Matt Wadell

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by Matt Wadell

Matt(hew) Waddell is a Calgary expatriate dwelling in the multiplexual concave of Montreal. He’s usually getting by by getting sounds together for the theatre. He studied electro-music-something-or-other in school and does stuff with computers (typing, clicking, etc.) He did stuff in France once, traveled in India once and ate shrimp once. He liked two of the three experiences and puked after all of them. Matt makes various sounds and dances for various happenings; CORSE, who will record album full length soon, VORT VORT, who will create album full length soon, and other stuff. He thinks confusing experiences make life more interesting, and has a plethora of amazing people to blame for who he is and what he wants to become.


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