by Jun K. Lee and Hussein Juma

CAT MASK was written in a dream by Jun K. Lee and Hussein Juma; the latter scrambled to shoot and direct it before they both forgot, though the former could only remember how it sounded, so he wrote the music for it.

A gentleman stumbles upon a curious cat mask, setting into motion a series of unsettling events. CAT MASK is part of a projected series of short films helmed by Mr. Juma and written by Mr. Lee, including DOG MASK (in production in 2011) and culminating in the feature BIRD MASK (working title).

Starring Graeme Black, Ryan Rollinson, and Gary Renshaw.



by Jun K. Lee

This is a little comic I adapted from a short film that I never ended up writing. Can you adapt something that doesn't exist? I had the intention of printing this, but I will hold off until I have a series of full-colored shorts and can print them as an anthology. Since then, I have been drawing my new comics in black and white so I can afford to actually print them. Look forward to a miniature anthology of said comics in print soon!

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Manual Bovine Beauty ii & iii

by Jun K. Lee

These are a few illustrations from my upcoming book Manual Bovine Beauty and the Mercury Forms, a two-part series of narrative poetry, with three cycles each. The drawings are taken from the 2nd and 3rd cycle of the first part. In it, the twins Michel and Laurel are separated. Michel, a matador with a ghost leg, encounters the Tauromachists, alchemists/scientists dedicated to the biochemical/mystical study of bull disemboweling, who worship the sacred arch-deity, the Jar Full of Bees. Michel embarks on a subterranean journey. Laurel, a nurse, mostly stays at home and takes baths, swirls through the city, and communes with taxidermists en mass. They are mysteriously reunited — a secret meeting beside an acephalous and flowery scented bovine corpse.

Jun K. Lee - One Jun K. Lee - Two Jun K. Lee - Three Jun K. Lee - Four Jun K. Lee - Five Break

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