Beast in show (part 2 of 2)

by Jon Vaughn

Jon Vaughn - The Stoner (Sasquatch 2) Jon Vaughn - Untitled Collage (Sasquatch 3) Jon Vaughn - The Intruder Within Jon Vaughn - Long Bitch (Hommage 2)

Long Bitch Zine Collaboration b/w Jon Vaughn & Massimilliano Bomba

Jon Vaughn - Pop Quiz Party Jam 2

Beast in show (part 1 of 2)

by Jon Vaughn

Jon Vaughn is a 28 year old visual and musical artist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. His drawings have been featured in the publications Raw Raw (Italy), Turbo Chainsaw (UK), Lazer (Belgium), Shining (France), Kraffics (UK), Gustaf (Norway), Part Myth (USA), Gestrococlub (France) and Good vs. Evil (UK) as well as being exhibited in the Baba festival (Italy). In October 2009 he released his first split book with Massimilliano Bomba (Italy) entitled Long Bitch. He runs a music label called Pop Quiz that releases cute and weird dance tunes, and has made shit loads of his own albums and DJ mixes, most of which one can download through links on his various websites. Currently (in 2010), he is working on a solo exhibition and book, contributions to group shows, some collaboration with friends, and still plans to travel!

Jon Vaughn and Martin Helge - Zine (In Progress)

Zine (In Progress) Collaboration b/w Jon Vaughn & Martin Helge

Jon Vaughn - Wilderness Jon Vaughn - Beast Jon Vaughn - Dorxx Jon Vaughn and Philippe Jarry - Cadavers Exquis Zine

Cadavers Exquis Zine Collaboration b/w Jon Vaughn & Philippe Jarry

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