Princess, Queen & Argyle

by Heather Smith

These days, Heather is busy working on projects with The Straw and Honeybear. She is currently very interested in red mechanical pencils and painting. Soon, she will be collaborating on a mural project with Comrad Sound and finishing personal work for an exhibition in Berlin this coming November.

Heather Smith - Princess Heather Smith - Queen Heather Smith - Argyle

Standing Girls, Screaming Girls

by Heather Smith

Heather Smith - Yellowhat Heather Smith - Blackdress Heather Smith - Flannel Heather Smith - Sweater

The Western Canadian Book of Drawing

Heather Smith has recently returned to Calgary from a spring/summer residence in San Francisco, with the determination to make the city awesome. She has recently been finding inspiration in mouseketeers, vintage yearbook photographs, and masks.

Kiarra Albina lives in Montreal, where she makes drawings in her bedroom and while sneaking into her friend’s University art lectures. She is inspired by relationships, overcast afternoons and the thrill of living in the same neighbourhood as Drawn & Quarterly.

These are some drawings from their upcoming booklet, due to be released in mid-November. The books will be assembled by each of the artists in their respective cities, with alternate page orders and covers.

Heather Smith

Heather Smith - Tongueyweb Heather Smith - Tattyweb Heather Smith - Topweb

Kiarra Albina

Kiarra Albina Kiarra Albina Kiarra Albina Break

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