Love Triangle

by Brennan Kelly

The story thus far: Three triangular-headed friends (who also happen to be involved in a rather sordid love triangle) head to a beach house for a three day weekend getaway. There the love triangle is accidentally revealed and tempers flare. To make matters worse the power supply to the beach house unexpectedly cuts out (or perhaps this was planned by one of the jealous friends, we may never know) and the weekend goes from a peaceful vacation to a full blown murder mystery a la Agatha Christie.

Brennan Kelly - Love Triangle 1 Brennan Kelly - Love Triangle 2 Brennan Kelly - Love Triangle 3

Personal History

by Brennan Kelly

These are the first two drawings in a series investigating my personal history and the ideals I've been taught to hold dear. The outcome is a blending of factual events, false memories and the abstract world of ideas to create a new imaginary past.

Personal History Personal History

Wizard Burger

Wizard Burger Break

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