Happy Barfday

by Ben Jacques

When he’s not posting animal photos, Star Trek GIFs and other absurdities on his blog, Vancouver’s Ben Jacques is splattering brains with his musical projects Grosslords/Alff and Millennium Dolphin. On top of these batshit collages that he’s been working on lately, Ben also told us about a recent collection of female anatomy he crafted from nachos, complete with salsa. Let’s hope he snapped a pic or two before chowing down. – Jesse Locke

Ben Jacques - icecream lake Ben Jacques - burger pain Ben Jacques - horror breakfast

December 15, 2009

by Ben Jacques

I first discovered Ben Jacques’ art when I was working as an editor at BeatRoute, to which he contributed twisted, hilarious illustrations such as the infamous ‘Barfield’ for an article on New Year’s Eve events in Calgary that had absolutely nothing to do with what we’d assigned him. These days, Barfield is hanging on a wall next to the kitchen at the Arbour Lake Sghool, and the next time I’m in town I intend to steal it. We’re super stoked to have Ben join the Texture crew, and I’d be remiss not to mention that he’s a really good dancer, master of Devo karaoke and wicked musician too. – Jesse Locke

Ben Jacques - spacething Ben Jacques - collage Ben Jacques - mountain cube Ben Jacques - tarantino Break

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